The Composites Podcast

CW Talks: The Composites Podcasthighlights the people and technologies shaping the world of composites. Interviews feature guests with expertise and insight about where composites have been and where they are headed.

Recent Episodes

RELEASED: 5/28/2021

Episode 39: Joe Fox, FX Consulting

Consultant Joe Fox talks about the massive potential for composites use in infrastructure applications and what it will take to turn that potential into reality.

RELEASED: 5/10/2021

Episode 38: Alan Hiken, Kane Robotics

Alan Hiken, COO of Kane Robotics, talks about historic, current and future composites use in aircraft fuselage structures and the role of automation in next-gen manufacturing environments.

RELEASED: 4/15/2021

Episode 37: Ian Wilson, DASIS

Ian Wilson, CEO of Develop and Supply In-Sync (DASIS), talks about his history as a CNC specialist for Formula One and his introduction to composites manufacturing.

RELEASED: 1/19/2021

Episode 36: Dale Brosius and Uday Vaidya, IACMI

IACMI’s Dale Brosius and Uday Vaidya talk about the first five years of the organization, how it has evolved and what the future might hold as IACMI continues its quest to help drive composite materials and process growth.

RELEASED: 12/1/2020

35集:丽莎成田梦sen, Covestro

CW Talks visits with Lisa Ketelsen, head of thermoplastic composites and CEO of Maezio at Covestro. Ketelsen talks about her path to Covestro and the Maezio product line, Maezio’s attributes and applications, and how she sees thermoplastic composites evolving in the marketplace.